LEAP Preschool: An Inclusive Model of Early Autism Intervention

June 2012
Duration: 1hr 5 min

Phil Strain and Ted Bovey

In this webinar, Phil Strain and Ted Bovey introduce you to the LEAP Preschool Model, an inclusive, evidence-based model for young children with autism that was founded in 1981. The webinar begins with an overview of key model Ted Bovey components, follows with a discussion of several key research findings from over 30 years of research on the intervention strategies used and outcomes for children in the program and then wraps up by highlighting some of the key lessons learned about preschool inclusion for young children with autism. The LEAP Model parallels the levels of the Pyramid Model in many ways and similarities between LEAP and Pyramid implementation are briefly outlined.

LEAP’s Quality Inclusion Curriculum (including the Peer Mediated Social Skills Curriculum and Parent Skills Training Curriculum) is available fromĀ Teacher’s Toolbox Publishing.

Additional information about the LEAP Preschool Model is available from the Positive Early Learning Experiences (PELE).

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Ted Bovey