Within the Framework Webinar
Program-Wide Implementation of Pyramid Model Practices in Early Intervention/Part C

Unpacking Coaching Webinar Series

December 5, 2019
Duration: 1 hour



The National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations has developed a framework, practices and tools to support implementation of the Pyramid Model by Part C, Early Intervention programs. This webinar describes the framework, critical elements, practices, and fidelity tools that can be used to support program-wide implementation and early interventionists’ practices. The program-wide implementation framework and critical elements were designed to be implemented within the multiple types of service delivery models used across Early Intervention Programs and states. The early interventionists’ practices are focused on building families’ confidence and competence in supporting their child’s social emotional development. This webinar may be helpful for Part C state leaders, program leaders, and early interventionists to identify which program wide elements are already in place, which Pyramid Model practices their staff are already using well, and next steps for their programs or individual goals.

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Webinar PPT Handout

Pyramid Model Early Intervention (Part C) Benchmarks of Quality — Includes Look-Think-Act, BoQ form, and Excel spreadsheet

Early Intervention Practitioner Coaching Log — Includes Look-Think-Act, Coaching Log, Excel spreadsheet, and Definitions of EI Practitioner Coaching Strategies

Early Intervention Pyramid Practices Fidelity Instrument (EIPPFI) — Includes instrument and Look-Think-Act

Program Coach Log — Includes Look-Think-Act, Coaching Log, Coaching Log Excel spreadsheet, and State Summary of Program Coaching Excel spreadsheet

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Erin E. Barton, Vanderbilt University

Erin E. Barton, PhD, BCBA-D, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education at Vanderbilt University. She teaches courses in Early Childhood Special Education on evidence-based assessment and intervention practices for young children with disabilities and their families and single case research design. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has worked with children and families in homes, schools, and clinics. She directs research projects related to evidence–based practices for young children and professional development systems.

Ashley Nemec, Vanderbilt University

Ashley Nemec is an Educational Consultant for Vanderbilt University. Ashley is involved in various projects related to product development, coaching and technical assistance for Part C for the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations, and for the National Center for Early Childhood Development, Teaching and Learning. Ashley has served in many roles in the field of special education since 2009, including working as a teaching assistant in both self-contained and inclusive environments, a special education teacher in a self-contained classroom, and in early intervention in both New Jersey and Tennessee. Ashley has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education, and is committed to using relationship-based approaches and evidence-based practices to provide positive outcomes for young children.