Technical Assistance

Implementation Coaching to Advance Equity in Pyramid: TA Partnership
Application for Targeted Technical Assistance
January 2021 – October 2022



Important Dates

Application Deadline:
November 15, 2020

Selected States, Program Coaches, and Programs Notified:
December 2020

TA Schedule:
Begins January 13, 2021, 3:00-4:30pm EST and ends October 31, 2022. Calls occur the 2nd Wednesday of every month.


Supports for your Application

Info and Q&A Session

Recorded on September 30, 2020 at 3pm EDT

NCPMI staff outline the basic structure and content of the TA, and will review the application process.

Information Resources

Application Review

Applications will be assessed on responses to the application requirements. We will seek to involve as many states as possible to establish one demonstration site before selecting multiple demonstrations within a state.


If you have questions about the technical assistance or your application, contact Denise Binder, at

If you experience any issues with the uploading of the application, email Sarah Payton at

Pyramid Model states are invited to apply for this targeted technical assistance (TA) partnership opportunity to strengthen the capacity of their professional development network (PDN) of program coaches in advancing equity through Pyramid Model implementation. This TA will assist in establishing program-wide demonstration sites for advancing equity and addressing bias and will provide resources addressing equity within state Pyramid Model implementation and scale-up. NCPMI will provide distance technical assistance to state program coaches (i.e., external coaches, implementation coaches, systems coaches, or master cadre members) from multiple states who will work with a program that is currently implementing the Pyramid Model to strengthen their focus on addressing equity and the promotion of culturally responsive practices. 


Goals and Outcomes of the Partnership

The goal of the partnership is to strengthen the capacity of state program coaches and the state Pyramid Model team in enhancing the capacity of programs to advance equity and culturally responsive practices through program-wide implementation of the Pyramid Model.

The TA partnership will result in establishing a state demonstration program including resources, tools, and processes that strengthen the focus on equity across the state’s Pyramid Model implementation sites.


Who Should Apply

The State Leadership Team, is invited to nominate up to three programs and the program coaches who work directly with those programs to participate in this opportunity.

To qualify for this TA opportunity, states must provide evidence that they have:

  • A statewide effort implementing the Pyramid Model,
  • An interest in the advancement of equity,  
  • A Professional Development Network (PDN) of program coaches, and
  • Programs implementing the Pyramid Model that are interested in advancing equity and promoting anti-bias practices within their program.

States applying for the TA must be committed to increasing the capacity of Program Coaches to advance equity and promote anti-bias practices in Pyramid Model demonstration sites. To apply for the TA, the state must identify an established Pyramid Model implementation site that is committed to becoming a demonstration program (i.e., site that demonstrates the high fidelity implementation of the use of the Pyramid Model to advance equity), the practitioner coach(es) from the program, and one or two program coaches that will support the site for participation in the TA. The TA will provide distance support, information, and guidance for 2 years to the triad (implementation program, practitioner coach and program coach) with a focus on enhancing the skills and understanding of the program coach to:

  • Provide ongoing training and coaching to local Pyramid Model implementation sites and leadership teams;
  • Increase expertise and capacity to support program’s data analysis, data decision-making, and action planning;
  • Increase coach expertise and capacity to work with the State Leadership Team to identify and collect pertinent program outcome data for state reports;
  • Guide Practitioner Coaches in their work with classroom teachers;
  • Work with State Leadership Teams to expand and sustain implementation of anti-bias activities in programs.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: States may submit applications for up to three programs with associated program coaches and practitioner coaches to participate (e.g., 3 demonstrations). However, we are seeking to select applicants from multiple states and may have to limit the demonstration to one site per state to ensure that all eligible applying states can participate. You may list programs in priority order in your application.


Targeted TA to be Provided by NCPMI

TA activities will include:

  • Monthly, 90-minute web-based conference calls in which information will be provided and group members will share questions, experiences, approaches, and resources. Calls begin in January 2021 and are scheduled for monthly meetings through October 2022.
  • Pre-work and review of documents sent prior to monthly calls.
  • Between calls “assignments” that will be supported by NCPMI staff.
  • Monthly individual consultation with assigned NCPMI staff to access resources based on individual needs.
  • Meeting (virtual or live) at the NCPMI National Training Institute (due to COVID-19, plans for this are uncertain).

The TA does not include on-site, face-to-face technical assistance or training.


Expectation of State, Program Coaches, Programs, and Practitioner Coaches

The 619 coordinator and state leadership team will:

  • Recruit and select appropriate participants for the TA opportunity (including Program Coaches and program);
  • Commit to participate for 2 years of targeted TA;
  • Obtain commitment to 2 years of targeted TA from the Program Coach (and their supervisor, if necessary);
  • Obtain commitments to 2 years of targeted TA from one program and practitioner coach that is supported by the selected Program Coach; and
  • Maintain at least quarterly contact with the Program Coach to obtain updates about the progress of the TA.

Program Coaches will:

  • Participate in all conference calls for the two years of TA;
  • Complete required work and read all materials between conference calls;
  • Work with the program leadership team and practitioner coach to implement procedures and strategies to address equity;
  • Maintain communication with NCPMI staff between conference calls;
  • Provide quarterly update of what they are learning to SLT;
  • Collaborate on the development and implementation of new procedures and strategies to address equity;
  • Present “Lessons Learned” to state leadership team at the end of the TA; and
  • Participate in evaluation activities including evaluation of the TA provided and reporting on program coaching activities and outcomes.

The Program will commit to:

  • Participate for the two years of TA;
  • Commit to release time for a practitioner coach;
  • Participate on specific calls to discuss how materials and information may be embedded in the program;
  • Participate in evaluation activities (e.g., survey or interviews related to the TA)
  • Implement and use data-systems including BIR;
  • Collaborate on the development and implementation of new procedures and strategies to advance equity; and
  • Serve as a demonstration site for the state (e.g., present on their work, allow tours, etc.).

Practitioner Coach (e.g., classroom coach) will commit to:

  • Participate in the majority of conference calls for the two years of TA;
  • Commit to implement new strategies and approaches to advance equity;
  • Complete required work with Program Coach between conference calls; and
  • Participate in evaluation activities (e.g., survey or interviews related to the TA).