NCPMI Fellows

Past NCPMI Fellows

2018-19 PMI Fellows Cohort

Working with NCPMI faculty mentors, they have been involved in a variety of activities including developing NCPMI documents, providing training, reviewing research, collaborating on research activities, and developing policy materials.

Leslie McIntosh
Early Childhood School Psychologist
Jersey City Public Schools

Mentor: Dr. Lise Fox

Deliverable: A Practice Guide for Teaching Executive Skills to Preschoolers through the Pyramid Model

I worked under the mentorship of Lise Fox, who guided me in creating a Practice Guide to promote Pre-K teachers' use of Pyramid Model practices to support the development of executive function in young children. I will also be providing professional development via webinar and contributing to the library of Backpack Connections to help spread the awareness that Pyramid Model practices are beneficial to young children in many, many ways.

Alison Mellott
Program Wide PBIS Facilitator
Supporting Positive Environments for Children (SPEC)

Mentor: Dr. Jolenea Ferro

Deliverable: Promoting Teacher Retention through Pyramid Model Practices

I was amazed by the doors that opened as a result of this fellowship. I was able to become more involved in Pyramid Model work within my state system, received support with research proposals and publications, participated in training design for other state systems, and made connections with fellows and researchers from across the country.

I graduated about halfway through the fellowship and my work within the fellowship was, I believe, a key factor in acquiring a position in higher education.

Chelsea Morris
Assistant Professor
Department of Literacy and Special Education, University of West Georgia

Mentor: Dr. Mary Louise Hemmeter

Deliverable: Trauma Informed Care for Teachers: Utilizing Pyramid Model Practices

My work with NCPMI has included research and collaboration for the promotion of the Pyramid Model in programs wanting to take a Trauma Informed Care (TIC) approach to early learning. Resulting products have been a presentation at the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Annual International Conference (October 2019), a manuscript describing the use of TIC in preschool classrooms (in progress), a program-wide plan for TIC implementation, and a document for educators created in collaboration with the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) Consortium to discuss how the Pyramid Model aligns with TIC (in progress). Collaborative work with NCPMI has also included ongoing discussion of how to support coaches (presentation of research project at NTI 2019 and DEC 2019).

Ara Zeliz Reyes
Doctoral Candidate, ECEC PhD Program
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education and Human Development, University of Massachusetts – Boston

Mentor: Dr. Jaclyn Joseph

On a national level as a National Center for Pyramid Model Innovation (NCPMI) Fellow, my work focuses on inclusion evidence-based practices. This past year, in collaboration with NCPMI faculty members across several states, I presented at national professional conferences as an expert on parent engagement and family systems. As collaborators, we share insightful information about how to support the implementation of family coaching models within local and national research communities, nonprofits, government agencies, and community programs. My NCPMI work, in part, focuses on building effective school-family-community partnerships through practices for social emotional competence. With encouragement from NCPMI faculty, I have challenged myself to learn more at a national level about educators’ use of special education practices to reduce challenging behaviors and promoting inclusion in the classroom. Additionally, thanks to my NCPMI experience I currently also serve as the Mentoring Co-Chair for the Division of Exceptional Children (DEC) Consortium for Innovations in Doctoral Excellence (DECIDE) Mentoring Program, I work in collaboration with other DEC leaders to provide mentorship opportunities to students and junior faculty that fosters a collaborative spirit.

Jenna Weglarz-Ward
Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education/Special Education
University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Mentor: Dr. Erin Barton

Dr. Weglarz-Ward is working on examining the inclusion of Pyramid Model in higher education to prepare professionals in early childhood education, special education, and early intervention and supporting state-wide TA in Nevada's Part C system.