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What are the Teaching Tools?

Creating Teaching Tools for Young Children with Challenging Behavior (Teaching Tools) gives teachers practical strategies, developed from research activities and experiences in Positive Behavior Support, to create a plan for supporting young children who are having challenging behavior.

The Teaching Tools provide:

  1. Easily accessible ideas and materials such as handouts, worksheets, techniques, strategies, and visuals to support children in the classroom and other learning environments
  2. Ideas of effective intervention approaches for children who do not need a functional assessment to determine the function of the child’s problem behavior or a team-based process to address persistent challenging behavior.

How are the Teaching Tools Organized?

The Teaching Tools are organized around the User's Manual which explains how to use the tools and provides all of the technical information you need to access the hyperlinked visual supports and materials. Also included within the Teaching Tools is the Routine Based Support Guide. The Guide is a document that accompanies all of the tools and is organized in routines and activities that typically occur in early childhood programs. It assists teachers in developing a support plan.

Tools For Toddlers

The Teaching Tools routine-based guide includes prevention, intervention, and response strategies that might be used to support toddlers with challenging behavior. The manual includes sections on using TTYC with toddlers, a decision tree, forms for teaming, tips for consultation to the classroom, and guidance on assessing implementation and outcomes. The development of these strategies was supported by The Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, grant number 90YD0268, funded by the Office of Head Start, Administration for Children, Youth and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Recommended Citation for the Teaching Tools

Lentini, R., Vaughn, B. J., & Fox, L. (2008). Creating Teaching Tools for Young Children with Challenging Behavior [CD-ROM]. (Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention, University of South Florida, 13301 Bruce B. Downs Tampa, FL 33612)