Practice-Based Coaching (PBC)

Practice-based coaching model starts with Effective Teaching Practices in the middle, surrounding by: 1) shared goals and action planning, 2) Focused observation, and 3) reflection and feedback. All wrapped in a layer of collaborative partnerships.

Practice-based coaching is a cyclical process for guiding practitioners’ use of evidence-based practices for promoting positive child outcomes. Practice-based coaching involves the following components:

  • collaborative partnerships
  • shared goals and action planning
  • focused observation
  • reflection and feedback

On this site, we will provide resources for using PBC to promote practitioners’ use of the Pyramid Model Practices. While many of our existing products are designed to support practitioners who work in center based programs, the model is also relevant for supporting home visitors in their work with families and other caregivers.

Unpacking Coaching Webinar Series
Unpacking Coaching Webinar Series

This series covers topics related to practice-based coaching. Upcoming webinar schedule and registration on the Training Webinar page.

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Group Coaching Approach

Group Coaching is an effective and efficient way to deliver Practice-Based Coaching on Pyramid Model Practices in a group context. Group Coaching meetings are facilitated by a coach and are a way for teachers to learn about social-emotional teaching practices, plan to implement practices, share video, reflect, and provide feedback to peers on their use of practices.