Group Coaching Approach


Group Coaching is an effective and efficient way to deliver Practice-Based Coaching on Pyramid Model Practices in a group context. ¬†Group Coaching meetings are facilitated by a coach and are a way for teachers to learn about social-emotional teaching practices, plan to implement practices, share video, reflect, and provide feedback to peers on their use of practices. 

This Group Coaching Package includes group coaching materials and resources in a ready-to-use format. Within the group coaching package, coaches can access materials and resources to facilitate 8 group coaching meetings. The group meetings are organized by a social-emotional competency area, with each competency area being covered across two meetings. For each competency area, the first group meeting introduces the practices related to the social-emotional competency area and the second group meeting reviews what participants tried in their classrooms. 

Group Topics:

Resources to Get Started

Learn more about the group coaching, before you download the package, with these resources:

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Intro to Group Coaching

Overview of Group Coaching and the resources available for download.

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Tips for a Successful Group

Helpful tips and considerations related to the size and make up of a group.

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Group Structure and Sequence

Review of group coaching topics and group caching meeting agenda

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Table of Contents

List of handouts, resources, and materials needed for each group

The Group Coaching Package

The package, accessible throught the online form below, includes the following:

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Session Checklists

Record important info about meetings, such as timing and task completion

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Material Lists

Helpful classroom materials for teachers, for each social-emotional competency area

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Group Video Suggestions

Video clips from each social-emotional competency for the observation portion of meetings

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Action Plan Form

Forms to assist teacher in implementing and reflecting on a selected practice

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Reflection Form

Forms to assist teachers during group meetings reflect on key practices

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Feedback Forms

Coaches use teacher feedback to adjust their group facilitation

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Posters to Print

Posters to hang in meetings and classrooms as a reminder to teach social-emotional skills, all day, every day

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Group Meeting PowerPoints

Presentations for each session, including presenter scripts

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Meeting Attendance Form

Helps a coach track attendance and participation during meetings

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