Technical Assistance

NCPMI will be offering technical assistance to states for the implementation of Pyramid Model innovations.  Continue to check the web site for announcements and applications. 

Planned technical assistance activities this year include: 

  1. Guidance to states with a focus on social emotional outcomes in their SSIP
  2. Support to states to engage in an exploration and readiness process for Pyramid Model implementation and scale-up
  3. Intensive training and technical assistance to states that are ready for implementing the Pyramid Model within their Part C program

Current State Technical Assistance Opportunities

Implementation and Scale-up of the Pyramid Model within Preschool Programs

States are encouraged to apply for individualized intensive technical assistance for statewide implementation of the Pyramid Model within early care and education programs. NCPMI will work with the state to guide a state leadership team, establish a professional development network of external coaches, train local implementation programs, and guide the use of data decision-making by state and local programs.

Pyramid Model Implementation Innovations and Systems Building

This targeted technical assistance opportunity provides states that are implementing the Pyramid Model with distance support to deepen or expand their work. Through monthly conference calls, states will engage with each other and NCPMI faculty to enhance their system work on promoting inclusion, addressing disproportionate discipline, culturally responsive practices, or addressing suspension/expulsion.

Upcoming State Technical Assistance Opportunities

2019 TA opportunities coming soon.

Closed TA Opportunities

Implementation of the Pyramid Model within Part C Home Visiting

Selected States Notified: October 5, 2018

TA begins: October, 2018

State Pyramid Model Exploration, Planning and Early Implementation Activities

Selected States Notified: September 14, 2018

TA begins: October 2, 2018

Addressing Social Emotional Outcomes in the SSIP

Selected States Notified: June 18, 2018

Other National TA Centers

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) funds national technical assistance centers to offer resources and TA to states to meet the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requirements and improve outcomes for all students with disabilities. For more information on the goals and focus of each center that serves Part C and Part B 619 early childhood programs, view our Early Childhood IDEA Centers On Call flyer.

The National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) and the Pyramid Model Consortium (PMC)

The National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) is a federally-funded project established to disseminate effective use of the Pyramid Model to support young children’s social, emotional and behavioral development through a variety of training and technical assistance activities.  The Pyramid Model Consortium (PMC) is a nonprofit, fee-for-service organization that, similarly, was established to disseminate high-fidelity use of the Pyramid Model. NCPMI and PMC have similarities and differences.


Both NCPMI and PMC focus on the Pyramid Model as a framework for promoting effective practices for young children’s social-emotional development and both do so with training and technical assistance for states and local programs.  Many of those who developed the Pyramid Model were involved in establishing PMC (in 2014) and are also faculty with NCPMI (beginning in 2017).  NCPMI and PMC intend to establish a partnership in order to coordinate their activities.


NCPMI does not charge for services as it is funded by a 5-year grant that supports activities that are limited by time, work scope and resources.  PMC, on the other hand, is a fee-for-service organization that can accommodate a greater range of requests involving Pyramid Model training and technical assistance.

Additional information can be found at (NCPMI) and (PMC).

Need extra help? Find a Pyramid Model Consultant

Pyramid Model Consotrium, logo

Do you need training or technical assistance that is not being offered by NCPMI? The Pyramid Model Consortium provides highly skilled trainers and technical assistance providers who are available to provide a variety of services.  Contact Rob Corso,, to learn more about the range of training and technical assistance services that are offered.