Technical Assistance

Pyramid Model Implementation Innovations and Systems Building

Application for Targeted Technical Assistance

Application Deadline: December 12, 2018
Selected States Notified: December 19, 2018
TA begins: January 16, 2019

Applications must be submitted by Part C and/or Section 619 Coordinators.

This Targeted Technical Assistance (TA) Opportunity is for States, freely associated States and outlying areas, Indian Tribes or Tribal organizations that have extensive Pyramid Model implementation experience. Through monthly conference calls, state leaders will engage with each other and NCPMI faculty to enhance their systems work on integrating and expanding their Pyramid Model efforts in one of the following innovations:

  • Increasing high quality inclusion
  • Increasing equity in services
  • Eliminating suspension and expulsion

To qualify for this TA opportunity, states must have evidence in their Pyramid Model implementation of all four components of our implementation approach: 1) state leadership team; 2) a Professional Development Network (PDN) of program (external) coaches; 3) implementation/demonstration sites with program leadership teams;  and 4) data systems. Participating states must demonstrate high fidelity implementation of the Pyramid Model in programs as well as a functioning and successful State Leadership Team.


The purpose of the TA is to provide distance support, information, and guidance to a group of state 619 and/or Part C leaders for up to 2 years related to integrating or leveraging the state’s Pyramid Model efforts with one or more areas of innovation (inclusion, equity, suspension/expulsion). The TA does not include on-site, face to face technical assistance or training.

Targeted TA to be provided

Targeted, specialized TA is based on needs common to multiple recipients and is not extensively individualized.  This targeted TA will be provided to a group of leaders from States, freely associated States and outlying areas, Indian Tribes or Tribal organizations including tailored support and consideration of context.   

The TA will be supported by two primary resources and will be guided by these processes. States are strongly encouraged to review these resources prior to applying as they may be helpful in developing your application:

Additional resources will be used based upon the innovations that the cohort is working on. Resources will include those readily available on the NCPMI website as well as other websites such as:

TA activities will include the following:

  • A TA agreement developed collaboratively between the TA participant and NCPMI staff indicating the participants’ measurable goals and objectives for the TA.
  • Monthly, 1-½  hour, web-based conference calls where information will be provided and group members will be encouraged to share their experiences, approaches, and resources with other members. Calls begin on January 16, 2019 and will be held on the third Wednesday of every month from 2:30-4:00p.m. ET, 1:30-3:00p.m. CT, 12:30-2:00p.m. MT, 11:30-1:00p.m. PT.
  • Between-calls “assignments” not to exceed approximately 7 hours per month and is supported by NCPMI staff.
  • Monthly individual consultation with assigned NCPMI staff to access needed resources for Pyramid Model implementation based on needs of individual States, freely associated States and outlying areas, Indian Tribes or Tribal organizations.
  • Face-to-Face meeting at the April 30 – May 3, 2019 National Training Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida (optional activity; participants to support their own travel).

Outcomes for participating states

  • TA participants will gain the knowledge, resources, and experiences necessary to make measurable progress on their identified goals and objectives.
  • TA participants will deepen their knowledge of the practices, tools, and system supports related to integrating the Pyramid Model work with the selected innovation(s) (e.g. inclusion, equity, suspension/expulsion).
  • TA participants will access information on approaches, strategies, and resources from others engaged in Pyramid Model implementation and innovation.

Application Requirements:

  1. Describe your Pyramid Model State Leadership Team (SLT): number of years in operation; State Leadership Team membership (agencies); frequency of meetings; meeting participation; and other data as appropriate. (Up to 1 page single-spaced)
  2. Provide the dates and scores of the most recent 2 State Benchmarks of Quality ratings from the SLT. (Up load PDF and/or provide up to 2 page summary)
  3. Provide information related to the Professional Development Network (PDN) of program coaches (these individuals might be referred to as the master cadre, external coaches, system facilitators, or system coaches in your state) and the nature of the Pyramid Model TA and support they provide to programs. (Up to 1 page single-spaced)
  4. Provide information related to the number of implementation sites and the fidelity of practice within those sites. (Up to 1 page single-spaced)
  5. Provide information related to the data that program leadership teams collect as well as data the SLT collects statewide. (Up to 1 page single-spaced)
  6. Provide information on coaching provided to practitioners at implementation sites. (Up to 1 page single-spaced)
  7. Describe how the Pyramid Model work you have described above will support the work in the area of innovation(s). (Up to 1 page single-spaced)

If you have questions about the technical assistance or your application, please contact Barbara Smith.

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