State Implementation and Scale-up of the Pyramid Model

NCPMI builds capacity within states to implement and scale-up the Pyramid Model with fidelity. This state capacity building approach has been used in over 20 states for adoption of the Pyramid Model and 4 states for adoption of the DEC Recommended Practices. Our state implementation and scale-up approach is guided by the State Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) and incorporates what we know about stages, steps and key elements of implementation science, including exploration, installation, implementation and scale-up at both the state and program levels.

Our approach also includes 4 critical structures:

  1. a cross-sector state leadership team;
  2. a professional development network of external coaches;
  3. high fidelity demonstration sites; and
  4. data decision-making.

Statewide Implementation Guide

An important resource for the use of this approach, is an interactive web space that offers the Statewide Implementation Guide (Smith et al., 2017) with resources and tools on the ECTA website.

Access Guide

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance in state capacity building includes:

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